Official Selection: Rhode Island International Film Festival

Official Selection: Miami Short Film Festival

Official Selection: Cinema New York

Official Selection: Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Official Selection: Atlanta Shortfest

Official Selection: Northeast Film Festival

The world around her has moved on, but L'Toya has not. She is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend. In an act of desperation, she seeks out a Psychic to lead her in a seance in an effort to find some comfort and relief in her life.

Director: Sharkey Weinberg

Art Director: Jahson Fuller

Writer: Christopher Gabriel Núñez (as Christopher Gabriel Nuñez) 

Stars: Jade EsheteSylvia Soares

As Art Director I worked alongside production designer Kevin Kedroe interviewing and hiring a wonderful group of production assistants and professionals to make up our art department. Many from surrounding universities such as RISD and Brown.

Certain props were fabricated by off-site set designers. If any props had special mechanisms I had to know how they worked. Insuring props looked to script and the right materials were used during fabrication were also my duties.

I acquired 80% of the props used for ACHE with no rental fee. Rather than making calls, I walked Providence telling antique store owners about our local production and found some were happy to lend props for a short time in exchange for credit, and product placement. Explaining our safety procedures and rigorous cataloging system helped us take back hundreds of props for set dressing, which was much more than we needed at no cost.