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Jahson Fuller

Content Creator/Photographer/Filmmaker/Social Media Specialist

I'm a Manhattan based Photographer and Filmmaker. I've worked in Media for the past 5 years as an Art Director and Content Creator, producing award winning films, commercials, and ads for company's looking too stay ahead of the curve creatively. I own my own equipment, I always bring my 'A' game, and treat every project with passion.

I'm 25, grew up in the music mecca Atlanta, and attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Visual Communication Design, weaving intentional networks and making lasting professional relationships I couldn't maneuver in this industry without. Together my creative network becomes ours, and with 4.9k+ friends on Facebook, and 2.3k+ followers on Instagram, I guarantee its a strong one.

Reach out to me if you're interested in learning more! Please take a look at my upcoming blog posts and my Instagram in the meantime. I am completely available and can speak on the phone or over e-mail most times of the day.

Thank you very much in advance.

Jahson Fuller